Hebron Education Charity Organization is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping orphans and underprivileged youth. In the 24 months educational program at Hebron IT Academy, students study IT programming, history, English , and critical thinking . During their time at Hebron, students develop an entirely new vision of hope for their futures, and have an opportunity to acquire skills to make this future possible. We offer all living expenses, stipend, and education at no cost to our students; this makes the financial support of our sponsors very critical for our continued success .



We want to unite 100 sponsors, forming a community that is ready to work for a common cause - helping educate orphans for a better future. Sponsors who join the Hebron 100 project will form a network that enables this worthy cause.


100 sponsors from Ukraine, USA, Canada, and other nations around the globe join together, making monthly donations of $50 each. These regular donations will help provide dependable regular funding to develop and support Hebron Education Charity Organization based in Ukraine.

Join Hebron 100

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1. Do I have to fund something else?
No. If you wish, you can become a sponsor for one of the orphans.
2.How are donations distributed?
Funding is used to provide for Hebron Academy students with housing, food, medical support, educational materials, instruction, and stipend during the time that they study with us. In the first two years of our existence, it has become evident that the total cost per student is $300/month or $3600/year.
3. Why 100 sponsors, and why $50 donations?
$5000 per month is the amount that will be needed to fully fund the education of 16-17 students, the target enrollment for our 2018-2019 school year.
4. How long will my commitment to Hebron 100 last?
The commitment period is one year..
5. Will I be able to continue my participation in Hebron 100 after the one year commitment?
Yes, of course. We hope that you will enjoy being part of the organization, and we welcome your continued support.
6. How else can I join the Hebron Educational Charity Organization?
Write an email to itacademyfororphans@gmail.com, and we will provide you with this information.
7. What is the deadline for joining the Hebron 100 community?
Until 31 December 2018. We will accept applications until the maximum number of founders is reached. Accordingly, for each participant in the campaign, his or her participation will end in a different time after the expiration of one year period
8. Where will Hebron 100 reports be released?
Supporters will receive monthly reports via email.