Hebron IT Academy

Welcome to Hebron IT Academy

Young people at risk who have graduated from high school and reached the age of majority can enter the Academy. We give them the opportunity to develop in the IT industry. Acceptance of documents is open throughout the year.

You can be a Full Stack developer. During your studies at the Hebron IT Academy, you will study JavaScript: Front-end and Back-end (Node.js)! 

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Do you want to become a programmer and at the same time have creative potential? Then you should try your hand at web design with Hebron IT Academy to become a UI/UX designer!

Do you like to find and fix mistakes? Are you persistent and attentive to details? 

Then the QA course is definitely for you!

Do you want to develop mobile applications?

Apply for admission to Hebron IT Academy and learn Flutter!


Forms of study


10 months of study

The student studies according to the latest program developed by the Academy. The program is designed for young people who have not previously studied programming.


6 months of study

An intensive training program designed for talented young people, aimed at a shortened period of study. Іt will allow you to become an IT professional in just a few months!


10 months of study

It is not necessary to come to the Hebron IT Academy. The online program allows distance learning at a comfortable pace.

Hebron IT Academy's three-vector training program

Intellectual Development:

 - Basics of programming
- Programming languages and modern frameworks
- English
- History
- Time Management

Spiritual development:

- Bible readings
- Spiritual conversations with the mentor
- Volunteering in social projects
- Participation in IT camps
- Psychological support

Physical development:

- Athletics
- Hand-to-hand combat
- Football
- Classes in an equipped gym
- Tourism

After completion of the study, the student receives a Certificate confirming competence in the selected field at the Junior level. We help students with further employment.

Are you ready to begin your acquaintance with the tech industry?
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