Hebron IT Academy

Get involved!

Hebron IT Academy exists thanks to the voluntary donations of caring people. Thanks to the funds raised, students are provided with food, housing, medical support for one academic year. We also develop training programs, provide social support, mentoring and psychological support.
Every contribution is valuable! In addition to financial support, we are looking for volunteers who can teach our students and become their friends. Join the Hebron IT Academy community of benefactors and make an impact on the lives of vulnerable youth with us!

as a Volunteer

We are looking for:

– Experienced front-end and back-end mentors.

– Speakers on topics related to IT and personal development.

– Photographers and videographers.

– Fundraisers.


Are you a company? Organization? 

Join the community of philanthropists and support one of the students of Hebron IT Academy. What will the funds be spent on:

– administrative expenses;
– full maintenance of the participant of educational process (food, daily needs);
– medical, psychological, legal support;
– educational literature, practical classes, practical program;


Tell your friends about Hebron IT Academy!

We are building a network of caring people who are ready to create a new generation of conscious, active and able to work youth with us!

– create a post in social media about Hebron; 
– write an article;
– tell your friend about us!


Why Volunteer at Hebron, Inc.?

The non governmental organization Hebron, Inc. has already united many like-minded people, becoming a support for the crisis youth and created a community of active, interesting and socially responsible people!

By helping Hebron IT Academy, you not only create a new society in which everyone has the right for quality education and reliable support, but also get something in return!

Join us!

If you’d like to join the development of our nonprofit organization as a volunteer, donor, or partner, send us an email at itacademyfororphans@gmail.com.

                                                        Let’s change the lives of socially vulnerable youth together!