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This is our great mission

Since 2016 we have been helping orphans, semi-orphans and young people who suffer from the russian aggression in Ukraine or  have found themselves in difficult life circumstances. They have the potential, but have no opportunity to successfully fulfill themselves in society, due to the lack of funds and moral support. 
We realized that the best help is through EDUCATION!
Hebron IT Academy is a place that provides underprivileged youth with:
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Mental Support
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Internship
  • Employment

Our Graduates  become not only qualified specialists in tech, but also CONSCIOUS and ACTIVE citizens of modern society.

 We want to do more! Today, our help is needed by a large number of talented youth all over Ukraine and we can do it WITH YOUR SUPPORT!

“Hebron Academy is an exemplary organization dedicated to helping young adults in Ukraine, without parents due to circumstances beyond their control, to learn and grow in maturity. The academy provides a safe place to live and study, while providing its students the support and technical training they need to obtain employment after graduation. Many graduates pay it forward with not only gratitude, but by continuing financial support to those that follow.”
Peter Warren
Adviser of Hebron  IT Academy
Retired Senior Program Manager
Northrup Grumman, Inc.


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«Students learn Programming, UI/UX, QA and Project Management directions. On average, the students spend 40 hours a week focusing on their studies. The program also includes English classes with native speakers, Ukrainian language and history, and project work».

Global Leadership Summit

"The transformation is inspiring. As these kids become equipped, connected, they in turn provide that same hope for those that come after them, becoming mentors and support for students like themselves".

The National Interests
The National Interests

"Hebron opened its doors six years ago to help Ukrainian orphans restart their lives. Even amidst the ongoing war, the Academy continues to pursue its goal of giving Ukrainian youth a future and aiding in the country’s economic recovery",


"Аn educational institution in which orphans and young people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances learn programming. After graduating, they can become front-end, back-end, full-stack developers, game developers or testers".

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Empowering Vulnerable Youth for a Brighter Future!
New academic year
A new academic year has begun!

  The CEO of the Academy, Ihor Ilvutchenko, who is from Mariupol, said: “We believe that today we are building our future. These students are our future, who in return…

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The story of Enriko and Emanuel
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Let's Change Lives together!

We are deeply concerned for socially vulnerable youth in Ukraine, who due to the lack of opportunities to find a job  they are caught in the middle of armed conflict, forced to flee their homes and exposed to injury or hunger. 
Hebron IT Academy is a social platform for underprivileged  youth for starting career in IT in Ukraine which helps with employment in IT field.

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Currently we have new opportunities in Ukraine.

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