A new academic year has begun!

New academic year

The CEO of the Academy, Ihor Ilvutchenko, who is from Mariupol, said: “We believe that today we are building our future. These students are our future, who in return will help similar underprivileged young people like them and will support Ukraine on economic development.”


Ihor Ilvutchenko, CEO of  NGO Hebron IT Academy

         Special thanks to our regular partners who came to the event: HebronSoft for gifts to students and comprehensive support of the Academy, as well as Sombra for interesting and informative trainings.
         Thanks to the photographer Nadiya Danylova for the wonderful photos!
        Congratulations to the students of the Academy on the beginning of a great journey in the IT sphere! We wish them success in their studies, bright prospects and God’s protection!
     We pray that this academic year will pass under a peaceful sky. Everything will be Ukraine!