Empowering Vulnerable Youth for a Brighter Future!

      Today the whole world celebrates Day for Protection of Children. And at the same time, we are forced to acknowledge that a large number of children in Ukraine today don’t have that protection due to the difficult life circumstances they face as a result of russian aggression. Many of them have been left without parents and homes, and they have had to witness tragic events. Tens of thousands were kidnapped by the russian soldiers and forcibly deported to russia. Many children go through the experience of their parents or loved ones being held captive, and sometimes the children themselves become hostages of the russian invaders. It is difficult for us to understand how such events can happen in the civilized world, in the 21st century.

      There are a large number of institutions and organizations in Ukraine that help such children overcome difficult life circumstances. But such support is usually not long-lasting. But what happens to them when help ends, when they come of age and graduate from residential care? How can they continue to fulfill themselves in life?

For many young people, a tragic experience can have fatal consequences ranging from moral degradation to suicide. They need moral support, perspectives and opportunities.

     Since 2016, our non governmental organization Hebron IT Academy has been helping socially vulnerable youth in Ukraine to get an education and self-realization in tech. In addition to intellectual development, students are provided with psychological support, social support, housing and food. There were cases in our practice when boarding school graduates, having no previous experience working with a personal computer, thanks to intensive work on themselves, were able to become excellent specialists in the field of the latest technologies! Today, they work in leading IT companies and live a full, successful life.

Graduates of Hebron IT Academy work at Eleks, eKreative, 1+1 Media, SoftPartners, TechMagic, Intellias, Indeema IOT, Fireart, HebronSoft and many other companies!

 How to interest and motivate socially vulnerable youth to study the best way?


    One of the best methods is the organization of a summer camp, which in a relaxed atmosphere will allow young people to immerse themselves in the world of technology, meet teachers, feel the atmosphere of corporate culture and understand whether this is the field in which they would like to develop themselves.

We already have a successful and long-term experience of holding such IT camps! Such events harden, charge with positive emotions and motivate for development!

     IT camp is an opportunity for youth to distract from negative experience and find motivation to move forward!


    That is why Hebron IT Academy organizes the Summer IT Camp, which will last from July 10 to 16 in the Carpathians and is designed for 50 participants.

How can you help?


     Education at Hebron IT Academy is completely free of charge for all students, however, the activities of our NGO depend on a number of expenses that require financial support from donors, charitable foundations and sponsors. If you are a representative of a company, business, charity fund, organization; or you simply concerned about socially vulnerable youth in Ukraine and want to help – please join the fundraising campaign at the link:

Let’s create the future together!